Notice for Air Compressor Maintenance in Winter

Notice for Air Compressor Maintenance in Winter

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Winter season is also very crucial for most air compressors. In northern regions where the weather is extremely cold and temperature drops to 0 degrees, all the machinery unambiguously air dryers, air compressors tend to be maintained otherwise, the freezing cold weather will diminish the working efficiency of the compressor and the machine gets thronged.

In cold weather, the thickened oil compressor is more vulnerable to damage as the moisture in them remains unchecked and it leads to complete breakdown of the machinery or even root the severe tank explosion. So, before the onset of extreme cold weather, you need to certify and focus on the maintenance of air compressors on a systematic basis. So that your compressor and its production should be protected. Below you will find the few very important safety cautions and maintenance tips that will avert the peril of damage in winters.

Essential Tips for Maintenance of Air compressor in winter

  • Observe the drain condensate:

As we all know, condensation occurs in all kinds of air compressors and condensing moisture is the by-product of this procedure. In winters this moisture gets clogged in for a longer time due to extreme cold especially in outdoor compressors. In results, not only the performance drops but it also causes the worst blasts of freezing pipes. So, in order to prevent this destruction, all you need is to daily check and drain the condensate on your own or you can also fix the automatic drain valves that will facilitate the operating procedures.

  • Heat Recovery:

In freezing weather, the outdoor or indoor installed compressor needs insulation protection so that it will operate properly. The best option to recover the heat is to recycle the heat reproduced by the compressors. For this you require to install a heat recovery unit, that will use the heat generated by the compressor to negotiate with the cold weather. If your compressor is indoor, then you can also place a small heater near the compressor to prevent any build up condensation moisture. Keep in mind that the heater should be placed at a safe distance from the compressor.

  • Check the filters:

In any compressor, a filter plays the vital role of keeping the compressor air clean and dirt free. When the filters are clean, it will help the compressor to function more smoothly thus less power consumption is required. Whereas in winters, the moisture gets locked and the filter will not convey the appropriate functioning. Ideally, all you need to do is to clean the filters time by time on your own to ensure seamless maneuvers.

  • Examine the electrical cords:

Electrical cords also get affected by cold weather as it causes the wire to become more brittle and making them susceptible to destruction. This will surely prove very fatal to not only the machinery but also its surroundings. To prevent this devastation, one can bury the wires under ground that will make them safe from the cold. Another method is to install these wires in the insulated pipes that keep the wires less breakable. Keep in mind that you should never wrap the wires around itself. It will central to foulest desolation.

  • Find and repair the leaks:

Air leaks in compressors not only reduce the production but also it typically requires more consumptions of energy. If these air leaks get unintended, it will reduce the working efficiency by 20 to 30 %. And in winters, these results are worse, and demands even more high partaking of energy. So, in winters you need to check and repair the leaks to guard your air compressor from mutilation.

  • Use a different oil:

If your compressor is oil based, then it must use a different type of oil in winters. The oil that is used in winters should be different from the oil used in summers. Before the inception of the cold weather, try to change the oil with lower weight oil different from the regular oil. In winter, there is a risk of thickening of oil that leads to malfunctioning of the compressor but use of this lower weight oil helps to keep the oil less thickened in cold weather and thus results in more incredible working.

  • Avoid running long:

It is suggested that in winters, don’t use the compressor continuously for a longer period. Try to turn off the compressor after short intervals and keep checking the drains and filters as a little freezing moisture can cause a big damage to your working project. So, avoid running the machine for a longer time.

Final thoughts

We anticipate that you will novel this article valuable in respect of upholding your air compressor in winters. Above we proposed all the best possible conducts to keep your compressor protected. Other than that, you are likely to schedule a proper service from compressor companies, they will surely guide you with further vital elements to ensure more smooth working during winters.

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