Maintenance for screw air compressor accessories

Maintenance for screw air compressor accessories

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Correct maintenance of accessories plays an important role in the service life and operational reliability of screw air compressors

Maintenance and replacement of Lubricating oil

1. For new air compressor, The lubricating oil should be changed after 500 hours. After that, the oil can be changed every 2000 hours. It is best to change the oil filter at the same time. If the environment condition is not good, shorten the replacement period.

2. Replacement method:

Start the air compressor and run it for 5 minutes, so that the oil temperature rises above 50°C and the oil viscosity decreases.

Stop running. When there is a pressure of 0.1Mpa in the oil and gas barrel, open the oil drain valve at the bottom of the oil and gas barrel and connect to the oil storage tank. The oil drain valve should be opened slowly to prevent the pressure belt lubricating oil from splashing. Close the drain valve after the lubricant drops. Unscrew the oil filter element, drain the lubricating oil in each pipeline at the same time, and replace it with a new oil filter element.

Open the fuel filler plug and inject new oil so that the oil level is within the range of the oil mark. Tighten the fuel filler plug to check for leakage.

3. The lubricating oil must be checked frequently during use, and oil should be added in time when the oil level line is found to be too low.

4. Condensate water must be frequently discharged. Generally, it is discharged once a week, and it should be discharged every 2-3 days in a high-temperature climate. When the air compressor stop for more than 4 hours, open the drain valve under the condition that there is no pressure in the oil and gas barrel to drain the condensate. Close the valve quickly when you see the oil flowing out.

5. It is strictly forbidden to mix the lubricating oil of different brands. Do not use lubricating oil for overdue use, otherwise, the quality of lubricating oil will be reduced. The lubricity will be poor, and the flashpoint will be reduced. That will easily cause a high-temperature shutdown and cause spontaneous combustion of the oil.

Maintenance for intake air filter element

1. It’s better to maintain the air filter element once a week. Maintenance method: unscrew the gland nut and take out the air filter element. Use compressed air of 0.2-0.4Mpa to blow out the dust on the outer surface of the filter element from the inside. Then wipe the dirt on the inner shell of the air filter element. Reinstall the empty filter element.

2. The air filter element should be replaced every 2000 hours under normal conditions. Use places with particularly harsh environments, such as mines, ceramic factories, etc. It is recommended to replace it every 500-1500 hours.

3. Always check the intake duct. Check whether the connecting of the pipe and the air filter inlet valve is loose or leaking.

4. When cleaning or replacing the air filter element, the parts must be paired to prevent foreign matter from falling into the intake valve.

Maintenance for the cooler

The heat dissipation effect of the cooler directly affects the operating temperature of the air compressor.

1. The plate-fin structure is easy to accumulate dust. So the maintenance of the cooler needs to be blown from top to bottom with dry compressed air above 0.4Mpa. After blowing, clean the dust and particles in the air duct. Prevent it from being blown into the cooler by the fan again and causing the blockage.

2. If the machine is used in a harsh environment and the surface of the cooler is full of greasy dirt, it must be cleaned with a carbon cleaner.

Maintenance for the Minimum pressure valve

1. The structure of the minimum pressure valve is very simple. Unscrew the nut between the valve core and the valve body to take out the components inside. Take out all internal components and clean them.

2. Since the structure of the minimum pressure valve is very simple, the assembly process is not difficult. But note that if there is a U-shaped ring inside, pay attention to the direction of the U-shaped ring.

Maintenance for the return check valve

1. The function of the oil return check valve is to smoothly let the oil from the oil-gas separator to the air end. However, the oil of the air end is not allowed to flow back to the oil and gas separator. The oil return check valve has a connection point in the valve body, unscrew from this point, and take out the spring, steel ball, and steel ball seat.

2. Clean the oil return check valve: clean the valve body, spring, steel ball, steel ball seat. Some check valves have filters inside and also need to clean.

Maintenance for oil separator

1. For the new air compressor, the oil filter should be replaced after 500 hours for the first time. Use a special wrench to reversely rotate the oil filter. It is better to add lubricating oil before installing the new filter. Screw the filter and tighten it firmly.

2. It is recommended to replace the oil filter every 1500-2000 hours. It is best to change the oil filter element at the same time when changing the oil. The replacement period should be shortened when the environment is bad.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use the oil filter beyond the time limit, otherwise, the filter will be seriously blocked. When the pressure difference exceeds the limit of the bypass valve, the bypass valve opens automatically. A large number of particles will directly enter the screw air end, causing serious consequences.

Maintenance for oil filter

1. Under normal operation, the service life of the oil separator is about 3000 hours. But the quality of lubricating oil and the filtering accuracy of air has a huge impact on its life.

2. The oil separator must be replaced when it expires or the pressure difference between front and back exceeds 0.12Mpa. Otherwise, the motor will be overloaded, and the oil separator will be damaged and run out of the oil.

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