Notice for Air Compressor Maintenance in Summer

Notice for Air Compressor Maintenance in Summer

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Summer is here. In the scorching heat of summers, the intense heat not only marks hazardous for the human body but most machinery also gets affected. When the high-temperature cartels with the condensed humidity of the atmosphere, the working efficiency of the air compressor drops, and thus it can cause drain in the performance of air compressors.

But to avert the air compressors from damage in summers, the air compressors are a prerequisite to be maintained on a regular basis. For this, you have to keep an eye on the following described tips that will surely help you to make your compressor work incredibly in high ambient heat.

Steps to maintain the air compressors in summers

  • Check the oil:

You need to check the oil of the air compressor on a regular basis as the summers prove fatal for most oil-based compressors. Summer’s air has more moisture content in it so it will contaminate the oil and then the compressor will not work properly. So, all you need is to check and change the oil frequently to keep the compressor free from all the contaminations.

  • Clean the filters:

A clean filter helps the compressors to work with more efficiency but with less consumption of power or energy and the filter in the compressors provides smoothness in running. But on the other hand, the congested and dirty filters not only reduce the efficiency of the compressors but also demands more power energy to run the compressor. The moisture present in the air is a really big issue to clog the filters. So, to experience better and smooth performance, one needs to ensure that the filters of the compressors should be clean and clear, especially in the summer season.

  • Check Ventilation:

We all experience that it is easier to breathe when the flow of air is increased so is the case with the compressors. When the temperature of the room gets too high then your compressor will not work effectively as it requires good ventilation to give better performance. All you need is to put a room temperature checking thermometer near the compressor. When you realize the high temperature, then it is better to throw some fresh and cool air into the room. The small-sized fans or the exhaust fans will do the job well and help you to keep good ventilation of the room where the compressor will work properly without facing any damage.

  • Check the receiver tank: 

On normal days, the receiver tank receives compressed air but in summers because of the high moisture content in the air, the receiver tank will also get the extra moisture which will drop its work efficiency and the tank will fill up with moisture instead of compressed air. You need to check if the pressure gauge of the tank is working properly or not. Also, check the safety valves of the compressor.

  • Examine the fluid system:

For the proper lubrication of the compressor and to keep the compressor free from downtime, you need to examine and safeguard that there are no limitations and debris that will restrict the fluid circulations in air compressors.

  • Observe the cracks and tears:

The high ambient temperature of summer may result in cracking the compressor and causing ripping in the compressor belt. So, keep the temperature of the room as low as possible to prevent these cracks and ripping.

  • Adjust water cooling system:

In the water-based cooling air compressor, it is very compulsory to monitor the pressure, temperature, quality, and flow of the water running in the cooler to avert excessive heat gain. You need to make sure that the supply of water in the cooler will not face any blockage.

  • Observe the electrical cabinet:

Dirt and excessive moisture in the air can result in forming an insulating layer on the electrical cabinet and thus result in heating up the components. For this, all you need to do is make the cabinet fan clean from all the debris out there. Do make sure that you follow all the precautionary measures while cleaning the electrical cabinet fan.

  • Observe the Drain:

In high temperatures, the rate of condensation is increased so the compressor should be capable of dealing with this high condensation rate. For this, it is necessary to clean out the drain system so that no dirt and contamination occur in the flow pathway and thus it can handle the increased condensation incredibly.


The above-fashioned artefact has all the possible resolutions that will assuredly support you in keeping the tremendous maintenance of the air compressors in summer. But keep in mind that you don’t wait for the temperature to get really high, instead, you will keep checking and observing the above-mentioned steps to prevent costly downtime of the performance efficiency. Other than this, you also need to consult a specialist of air compressors that will further explain the facility procedures.

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