Air Compressor Troubleshooting and Repairs

Air Compressor Troubleshooting and Repairs

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Screw-type air compressors are one of the most necessitated compressors in the market. It entails the most momentous topographies and converts into the mainstream of progress of air compressors. 

Every compressor needs to be checked and maintained regularly to avoid any failure. But still, some screw-type air compressors would stem many issues in functioning. Here in this guide, we will inform you of diverse failures of screw air compressors along with their solution. So, you can sustain your compressor operation. Read a thorough artifact and fix any troubleshooting stirring in your screw compressor.

Failure of Temperature Sensor

In extremely high or low temperatures, sometimes the temperature sensor stops working and providing any protection against the temperature ups and downs. In this case, the compressor device is more likely to damage in high or low temperatures.


The solution to the above problem is to check the temperature sensor properly on a systematic basis and if it is not working then it is advised to change it with a new one to avoid any malfunctioning.

Air Leaks

The compressor failure occurs most often because of air leaks in the compressor system. The air leak might start from a tiny hole or crack gradually, when time passes, it causes the cracks to become large, and then it renders the compressor functionality.

The air leaks may have occurred due to pops or cracks in pipes or hoses. These kinds of air leaks can completely lose the productivity efficiency of screw compressors.


The only solution to this is to check the air leaks. Mostly the air leaks are not audible as it is from a tiny source, so to trace minor air leaks, use the ultrasonic paraphernalia to observe the leaks and after finding leaks, fix them to evade further troubleshooting. The air leaks from larger cracks are easily audible with human ears.

Exceed Pressure Limits

Exceed pressure limits is also one of the leading causes of compressor failure. When you operate your screw compressor above the required pressure limit, then it restrains down the performance efficiency of your screw compressor. It happens when a small compressor is used for handling multitasking.

Or even when you use your screw compressor for a longer time to carry out different operations. It will not save you money. Instead, it costs you even more and also shortens the shelf life of your screw compressor.


It is proposed that you don’t save money by working with a single screw compressor. Install a separate screw compressor for different working tasks. Also, make sure that you provide the exact recommended pressure levels to your screw compressor. Otherwise, the undue pressure results in downtime in energy and productivity.

Separation Failure

Sometimes the malfunctioning ensues due to the failure of the oil separation core in the screw compressor. This separation core has a function in separating the air and the oil chambers of the compressor. This core failure issue happens due to two reasons:

The oil core separation gets a block and gradually increases the resistance of the compressor, which then increases the consumption of energy and increases the temperature of the compressor during working. It also happens, when the oil core is damaged, this damage has more severe effects than clogged core separation.


So, in the case of clogged core oil. It is necessary to clean the core properly, but if your compressor separation core is damaged, then the solution is to replace it with new. Or else, all the work competence is lost.

Clogged Air Filter

In an air-based screw compressor, the fragment is very crucial to working in the air filters. The air filter in any compressor is very efficient as it prevents all kinds of contamination. It prevents dust and dirt from mixing with the product, especially with any food item. But in the case of a clogged air filter, all the impurities enter the compressor and then deliberately lowers the eminence of the screw compressor system.


To avoid any impurity of outside air, it is necessary to legalize the air filters clean and clear. If it remains unchecked, it also roots the increase in temperature of screw compressors. To dodge any expensive maintenance, all you need is to clean the clogged filters or install the novel ones.

Insufficient Lubrication

As we all know that the screw compressor needs an adequate amount of oil to keep the internal machinery lubricated. It is the dire need of any compressor to change the oil to encompass the incredible performance. The failure of a screw compressor occurs most commonly due to flops in oil lubrication of internal components of the compressor. This type of failure is the most frequently occurring problem.

When it fails to lubricate properly, it will expose to high-temperature exposure and thus the viscosity is lost completely. If the surrounding environment is very hot and humid, then the ability to lubricate entirely vanishes and your compressor becomes worthless.

On the other hand, if it’s freezing outside, the lubricants freeze, and then friction arises between the metal components.


If you want to save your screw compressor from insufficient lubrication, then it is advised to change the oil, but make sure to first remove all the old oil before filling it with the new one. Otherwise, the mixing of oil can degrade the working efficiency.

Power Problems of Electrical Motor

One very crucial problem that causes the performance failure is due to the power cords’ problem. If you fix your compressor with the extension cord, it proves very fatal for your compressor, because the screw compressor is different from any other home electronic device. The extension cord causes the compressor to overheat gradually, and then your compressor will practice low productivity rates.


To evade this issue, all you need to do is to plug your compressor directly with the power supply cord, instead of using the extension cord. This will save your compressor from any failure and give reliable performance.

Old Motor Failure

The screw compressor experiences downtime in productivity when it works on the same motor for many years. The working efficiency of the motor decreases, which in turn increases the efficiency of your screw compressor. It is also liable to shabby winding. The loose capacitors of the old motor can also fail the compressor.


If you want to make your compressor safe from fuses and blown breakers, it is proposed to change the motor of your screw compressor after some time. It will aid you in avoiding any failure in performance due to an old, worn-out motor.

Plastic Fan Compressor

Some customers buy inexpensive screw compressors to meet their needs. But after some time, they face complexities. It is because these lesser-cost compressors are manufactured with plastic fans rather than metal one. After all, they are low-cost fans. And the shelf life of these plastic fans is less than compared to metal fans. So, these plastic fans would experience breakage and thus result in performance failure of the screw compressors.


It is advocated that after the plastic fan of your screw compressor got broken, replace it with a fan made of metal material. It will increase not only the durability of your compressor but also have incredible performance. But before replacing the fan, thoroughly measure the dimension of your compressor fan and its surrounding. The accurate size of fan blades is very consequential to compressor performance.

Cracked Switch

One common issue that the user faces is when he turns on the motor by switching on the button, the motor of the screw compressor does not start. It is because of the two reasons; the first reason is described above, which is an old motor failure and the second reason is the burnt or broken turning switch. To check whether it is the fault of the socket or not, plug any external light bulb or any other electronic expedient. If it is turning on, then it must be the plug fault. If it does not turn on, then it might be the socket issue.


To carry out the proper functioning, it is a must to replace the broken switch. Make sure that the replacing compressor switch will match the dimensions of your compressor. Observe all the precautionary measures while changing the socket.

A Small Volume of Storage Tank

If your screw compressor consists of a small storage tank, it occupies a small volume of gas, and the left-over gas in the compressor diffuses out and does not meet the requirement of a screw compressor. And in turn, the performance falls.


It is advised to buy a compressor with a large storage tank. You can also replace the small volume storage tank with a larger capacity. But keep in mind the exact magnitudes before replacing them.

In closing, we projected that while using the screw-type air compressor, some major and minor failures occur off and on. But you don’t need to frantic your mind. Some catastrophes can easily be unraveled by user mechanics, while some can be solved by professional practitioners.

Apart from this, we also propose you always choose the accurate magnitudes and the accurate categories of screw compressors for the type of work you want it to perform. After an acute pursuit, we have placid the most occurring compressor failure and their possible solution. It might help you figure out the best solution to maintain the work performance of your screw compressor.

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