Air Compressor Leaking Oil

Air Compressor Leaking Oil

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Any kind of leak in the compressor whether it is slighter or grander grounds crucial problems.

The oil leaks in any compressor not only procures the compressor to damage but also prove lethal to the surrounding environment and thus reduces productivity.

If you experience any kind of leakage then in this article you will novel all those problematic issues in compressors that cause the leaks and also find the possible ways to check and diminish the leaks. Following are some major factors that contribute to leaks in compressors.

Potential Causes for Oil Leaking of Compressor

Oil leaks in air compressors not only attest incurable in terms of productivity but also prove very costly regarding money so below we crafted some major factors that need to be checked regularly to avoid any kind of leaks in compressors.


Material is one of the most significant factors that can be a source of a leak in the compressor. But most manufacturers heave on the external ergonomic quality but the incredible interior build in quality is much needed and thus the low build in quality is much more vulnerable to leaks and splintering.

Rush Installation:

A very hasty installation can also be the major aspect that contributes to leaks in compressors. For the most part, it is not properly paired and sealed. The wrong techniques also lead to incomplete pairing and thus it lets the oil or air escape from the compressor system.

Not Following proper protocols:

Some neglect to carry out the basic protocols can be a cause of oil leaks in your compressor. Try to teach your worker proper protocols for closing or opening the valves and also ensure systematic reminders.

Wear and tear:

Industries experience the most tumble and rough environment which leads to frequent broken seals and even punctures. So, observe the compressor parts regularly in order to avoid leaks.

Excessive oil in chambers:

If your compressor has more oil than needed, the compressor will leak the excessive oil to carry out the proper functioning.

How to Fix Oil Leaks in Air Compressor

After you find the area of the leak in the air compressor, your next step would be to fix the issue to diminish leaks so that the air compressor works properly without facing any downtime in production.

Tightening Connection:

If the leak is due to improper protocols, then you are advised to tighten the connection and close the valves properly. In this way, the oil or the air leaks issue vanishes and the compressor will lob the farfetched functioning.

Replacing parts:

If some parts of the compressor get damaged due to leaks or some parts get old then it is suggested to replace or repair the parts immediately, otherwise, your compressor will completely lose its working efficiency.

Develop a maintenance schedule:

Every compressor needs a maintenance service after some time so that it carries out the proper functioning. It is advised to all the users to schedule a maintenance quarterly and test your compressor system to ensure that leaks have been fixed.

Clean or Change filters:

Filters also play an important role in compressor functioning; the oil leaks have a direct effect on the filter of the compressor and then it contaminates the products. So, to fix the leaks, it is compulsory to fix the filters. For this, you can also clean the respective filter or can install a new filter which then helps to increase productivity and avoid contamination.

Ultrasonic acoustic detector:

To fix the leak, first, you detect the area of leakage. Sometimes, the leaked part produces a very loud noise. So, you can install an ultrasonic acoustic detector, with its high-frequency acoustic power it will aid you in detecting the part from which the noise is coming.

Air Compressor Leak Maintenance

After fixing the leaks in the air compressor, next you suggested to do is to convey the maintenance. For this you need to follow the following points:

Reduce downtime:

When you fix any leak in the air compressor, it will significantly reduce the downtime of the compressor. So, it is highly advised that the compressor needs preventive maintenance that aids in avoiding other issues of the system.

Add reliability:

For the better efficiency of the compressor after the leak, it is suggested that you don’t use the compressor for too long. In this way, you will lose efficient productivity and face downtime. So, you just need to stop the compressor after intervals which then adds reliability to your compressor and prevents leaks.

To avert oil leaks in the air compressor is not a meek task. it demands a long continuous approach to maintenance. In this process, the training and the working of the employees also matters. The oil or any kind of leak in the compressor is an abrupt event, so you made yourself mentally prepare for these events. It is also counseled to the users, to check your compressor accurately once a week, it will for sure condense the risk of leakage.

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