The waste heat recovery technology of air compressor

The waste heat recovery technology of air compressor

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The heat source is mainly discharged by the fan when the air is compressed. About 90% of the heat and can theoretically be recycled and reused. Therefore, air compressor waste heat recovery has broad market prospects.

How to recover the waste heat of air compressor?

An efficient waste heat utilization equipment that can heat cold water by absorbing the waste heat of the air compressor. That is without energy consumption.

As a new type of efficient waste heat utilization equipment, it is mainly used to solve the problems of employees’ lives and industrial hot water. This increases the function of the screw air compressor. Not only saves energy consumption but also saves a lot of costs for enterprises.


Utilize the high-temperature oil and air heat energy of compressing. Then transfer the heat energy to normal temperature water through heat exchange. So as to the utilization of heat energy.

The motor drives the screw rotors. Then the air is sucked into the screw compressor through the filter and compressed into high-pressure air. The high-pressure and high-temperature oil-air mixed gas, which enters the oil-gas separator. After separating, the compressed air is supplied to users after the heat is dissipated by the after-cooler. The circulating oil will be cooled by the pre-cooler and filtered by the filter before returning to the air end.

The waste hot recovery equipment introduces high-temperature circulating oil and high-temperature compressed air into the heat water unit. The heat generated during the operation of the air compressor is fully absorbed by the water heater. And the compressor can be cooled down at the same time.

The waste heat recovery of the air compressor has great energy-saving potential and economic benefits.

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