How to save air compressor maintenance costs?

How to save air compressor maintenance costs?

(Sep 11 2021 - Views: 488)

How to maximize corporate interests? In addition to increasing income, you also need to control the costs. One of the necessary expenditures for air compressors is maintenance costs. How to reduce maintenance costs? Some strategies for your reference.

1. Renewal and technical transformation of air compressors

At present, there are still many companies using equipment more than ten years ago. They are with backward technology, low production efficiency, and so on. Some of these old equipment must be eliminated, and some can be technically transformed. This will greatly reduce maintenance costs and spare parts costs.

2. Check the quality of equipment accessories

The quality of equipment accessories and spare parts directly determines the service life of the air compressor, the reliability of the equipment, and the scope of maintenance.

High-quality spare parts can not only extend the service life of the accessories but also improve the overall performance of the screw air compressor.

On the contrary, inferior accessories can’t solve the problems in the equipment and may cause new failures. For example, we often use filter elements, lubricants. If the quality is not good, it will cause clogging, overheating, wear, and other failures. Not only the service life is short, but also it will cause the equipment to stop when it shouldn’t be stopped, which is very prone to production accidents.

3. Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance work

The operators strictly do the maintenance work every day, every week and every month. Then deal with hidden troubles in time, and eliminate failures to extend the service life of spare parts. This is especially important for lubricating components and electrical components.

4. Reduce electricity costs

The energy consumption of the air compressor is very large. If part of the consumption can be converted into renewable energy, it will greatly reduce the cost. Such as air compressor waste heat recovery. converting some of the consumed energy into heat for everyone to take a bath, etc.

5. Learn to innovate

Faced with the increasingly updated new market environment, saving corporate costs is not only achieved by saving expenses and reducing consumption. It is also reliable and innovative. The content of innovation can be around all aspects of the daily operation of air compressors such as technology and service.

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