How to replace three filters?

How to replace three filters?

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How to replace the air filter element?

1. Open the air compressor door;
2. Unscrew the bolt on the air filter, and take out the filter element;

3. Check the condition of the air filter (replace if not good);
4. Clean the inside of the filter, and use 2-3bar compressed air to blow out the dust in the filter element from the inside to the outside;
5. Replace the new filter element and install it.

How to replace the oil filter?

1. Unscrew the old filter with pliers;
2. Clean the contact surface;
3. Plate a thin oil film on the surface of the new filter seal ring;
4. Tighten the new filter by hand until the gasket is sealed;
5. Check for leaks after switching on.

How to replace the air-oil separator?

1. Open the service side door of the machine;

2. Loosen the connecting of the tube to the minimum pressure valve;
3. Loosen the pipeline on the cover of the air-oil separation tank, and ensure it can be installed correctly;
4. Loosen the fastening bolts on the air-oil separation tank;

5. Lift the cover, clean the oil return pipe;

6. Take out the air-oil separator;
7. Replace with new air-oil separator and gasket;
8. Follow the reverse steps to install, pay attention to check the length of the oil return pipe;
9. Use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts on the cover of the air-oil separation tank.

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