How to maintain the oil-lubricated screw air compressor?

How to maintain the oil-lubricated screw air compressor?

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For the oil-lubricated type screw air compressor, we provide the daily, quarterly, and annual maintenance guide.

1. Daily maintenance

  1. Check the oil level, air filter, and coolant level;
  2. Check the consumable parts. if it has reached the replacement cycle, it must be stopped and replaced;
  3. Check the exhaust temperature of the host, if it reaches or approaches 98℃, the oil cooler must be cleaned;
  4. Check the pressure difference of the separator. if it reaches more than 0.6bar (limit 1bar) or the pressure difference starts to decline, stop the machine and replace the separation core;
  5. Check the discharge of condensed water. If the drainage volume is too small or no condensed water is discharged, the water separator must be shut down to clean;
  6. Check whether the unit has abnormal noise and leakage.

2. Quarterly maintenance (Level 1 maintenance)

  1. Clean the exterior: clean the outer surface of the unit and the cooler, and clean the bleed muffler;
  2. Check whether the exhaust temperature switch is malfunctioning;
  3. Check the oil filter element and oil separator element, and replace the worn parts;
  4. Check whether the lubricating oil has gone bad, and add grease to the bearings of the motor;
  5. Check the electrical components and clean the dust in the electrical control box.

3. Annual maintenance (Level 2 maintenance)

  1. Complete each item of quarterly maintenance;
  2. Check the air filter element and oil filter element and replace if necessary;
  3. Change the lubricant;
  4. Check all hoses for cracking and aging;
  5. Check the electrical box and electrical control system;
  6. Check the performance of the whole machine.

Notes for long-term shutdown and restart of screw air compressor

  1. Replace lubricating oil, air filter, oil filter, oil-gas separator element;
  2. Check whether the circuit condition is ok;
  3. Check whether the air compressor parts contain water and dust;
  4. Check whether the air inlet and air outlet are blocked;
  5. Turn on the power and check whether the computer controller is ok;

Note: The best way is to ask the technical staff to do comprehensive commissioning. So the operation can be set to the best condition before using it.

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