What Compressor Size do I Need?

What Compressor Size do I Need?

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An appropriate selection is beneficial to both the end-user and the compressor equipment. A too-large selection is too wasteful. A too-small selection may lead to the compressor in a long-term loading state or insufficient airflow or pressure.

The pressure and flow requirements for your facility are essential when choosing an air compressor.

What amount of pressure do I need?

First of all, confirm the Air Pressure you need for the end production line, then plus about 1~2bar. The 1~2bar is for pressure loss:

– The distance from the installation site to the actual gas-side

– The size of the pipe diameter

– The number of turning points

So, we can install the air compressor to the air end as near as possible. If the distance between the air compressor and the air end pipe is too far, the path of the main pipe should be enlarged.

What is the right air flow for my compressor?

First of all, confirm the Air Flow of all the air-consuming equipment, then increase by about 20 percent.

– For a new project, it can be chosen based on the flow value provided by the design institute.

– For a renovation project, we can reference the original parameter values, in combination with actual air usage.

– To supply compressed air to your main equipment, learn the parameters of the air compressor from your supplier.

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