The solution for Oil spill failure for screw air compressor

The solution for Oil spill failure for screw air compressor

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Cause of issue

  1. The oil seal is off or the oil seal is defective and leaks.
  2. The main shaft is loose and the oil seal leaks.
  3.  Leakage of the joint surface, loosening of the oil inlet, and return pipe joints.
  4. The belt is installed too tightly and the main bearing bush is worn out.
  5.  Casting or machining defects can also cause oil leakage in the air compressor.

Judgment and troubleshooting method of failure

  1. Pay attention to observe the oil seal position. Check whether the oil seal is cracked, whether the inner lip is cracked or flanged. If one of the above conditions occurs, we should replace it.
  2. Check the joint surface of the oil seal and the main shaft for scratches and defects. If there are scratches or defects, replace it.
  3. Check whether the oil return is unimpeded. If the oil return is not smooth, the crankcase pressure is too high and the oil seal leaks or falls off. The minimum diameter of the return pipe must be ensured, and the oil return should not be twisted or bent.
  4. Check the matching size of the oil seal and box body, and replace those that do not meet the standard.
  5. Move the main shaft forcefully to check whether the neck gap is too large. If the gap is too large, replace the bearing bush and oil seal at the same time.
  6. Check the sealing conditions of the gaskets of each joint, repair, or replace the gaskets.
  7. Check and tighten the bolts of the oil inlet and return joints and the box body threads.
  8. Check the oil leakage of the air compressor and readjust the tightness of the belt. It is advisable to press down 10 mm with your thumb.
  9. Check the casting or processing defects of the box body, repair or replace the defective parts.

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