Regular Breakdowns & Solutions

Regular Breakdowns & Solutions

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In the use of oil-lubricated screw type air compressors, failures are inevitable. Now, to minimize the loss caused by the failure, it must be timely and appropriately handled. But there are many kinds of faults, and even some are difficult to find. Thus, we summarize some common faults:

1. The air compressor cannot start

First, check the power supply voltage,
Then, check the solenoid valve and the motor, etc.,
Ensure the intake and exhaust valves are open, etc.

2. Air compressor does not load after startup

The minimum pressure valve is leaking;
The solenoid valve is not energized;
The control air pipe is faulty;
The intake valve is stuck;
The seal is leaking, etc.

3. The exhaust temperature is high

– Air compressor room temperature is too high.

– The lack of maintenance for the air compressor:
The efficiency of lubricating oil is reduced;
The oil filter element is blocked.

– The cooling system failure:
Dirty oil cooler;
Damaged cooling fan; Fan motor failure;
The exhaust pipe does not work well or the exhaust resistance is large.

– The broken component:
The temperature control valve is faulty;
The oil-cut solenoid valve is not energized or the coil is damaged;
The diaphragm of the oil cut solenoid valve is cracked or aged;
Temperature sensor failure (control unit);
The pressure gauge is faulty (relay-controlled unit).

4. The quality of compressed air is not good

The ambient air quality is not good;
The cleanliness of the air compressor itself;
The air filter, the oil and air separator failure, etc.

5. Decreased exhaust volume

Inlet and exhaust port failure, leaking pipes, blocked air filters, insufficient voltage, etc.

6. The increasing noise

The air compressor fixing device or the components are loose;
Didn’t perform the reinforcement treatment in time;
The lubricating oil is invalid, etc.

7. The short service life of the lubrication oil and the quality is not good

The main causes are the poor quality of the lubrication oil or the wrong model;
The lack of cleaning has contaminated the lubrication oil and the lubrication system.

8. Large oil consumption or large oil content of compressed air

The oil level should not be higher than half;
The blockage of the return pipe, installation of the return pipe (distance from the bottom of the oil separation core) does not meet the requirements;
The exhaust pressure is too low;
The oil-air separator is broken;
The internal partition of the separation cylinder is damaged;
The air compressor has an oil leak.

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