Notice for installing the screw air compressor system

Notice for installing the screw air compressor system

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What should be paid attention to when installing the screw air compressor?

Requirement for air compressor room

1. Choose a wide area with good lighting to facilitate operation and maintenance.

2. Choose a place with low humidity, no corrosion, no metal chips, less dust, clean air, and good ventilation.

3. There must be enough space around the air compressor. The width between the air compressor and the wall is 0.8~1.5m according to the airflow. The air compressor is at least 2 meters away from the headspace.

4. The temperature in the air compressor room during non-working hours should not be lower than 5°C. The ambient temperature should not exceed 40°C.

5. If the factory environment is poor and dusty, pre-filter equipment must be installed to ensure the service life of the air compressor system parts.

6. When a single compressed air station with a displacement ≥ 20m3/min and a total installed capacity ≥ 60 m3/min, lifting equipment for maintenance should be installed.

Notice for installing

1. The foundation of the air compressor should be built on hard soil, and the foundation level should be smoothed to avoid vibration. If it is installed upstairs, anti-vibration measures must be taken, otherwise, the vibration will be transmitted downstairs or resonance will occur, which will easily cause harm to the air compressor and the building.

2. Make a platform foundation with a height of 10cm according to the size of the bottom area of the air compressor. Platform foundation with the bottom area to facilitate sewage discharge.

3. Design a drainage ditch to discharge condensate.

4. Avoid [T] connection in the air output pipe of the screw air compressor.

5. For the main pipe, the pipeline must have an inclination of 1°~2° to facilitate the discharge of condensate in the pipeline. The pressure drop of the pipeline shall not exceed 5% of the operating pressure of the air compressor. Minimize the use of elbows and various valves.

6. When multiple screw air compressor air output pipes are connected to the network, the output end of the screw air compressor does not need to install a check valve.

7. The automatic and manual condensate drain pipes of the screw air compressor should lead to the drainage ditch separately and independently. The pipe opening should be more than 15cm away from the drainage ditch for easy observation.

8. Install the air pre-filter. The area of the pre-filter must be 4-6 times larger than the air-intake boundary area of the compressor. Pay attention to the density of the pre-filter material and the intake air volume determines the screw air compressor’s displacement and motor life.

Cooling system

For water-cooled air compressor, when softened water is available in the enterprise and the system is economical and reasonable, the softened water can be used as cooling water. The main purpose is to prevent the calcium and magnesium plasma in the water from chemically reacting in the cooler due to high temperature and finally form scale in the cooler, thereby affecting the cooling efficiency of the cooler.

The pressure of the cooling water is generally between 0.15 and 0.4 MPa. The highest inlet water temperature is 35℃, and the lowest is 15℃. The cooling water inlet pipe should be installed with a filter, and the inlet and outlet pipes should be equipped with pressure gauges, thermometers, and shut-off valves.

For the Air-cooled air compressor, pay attention to the ventilation environment. The air compressor must not be placed near high-temperature machinery or in a closed space with poor ventilation, to avoid shutdown due to high exhaust temperature. If it is placed in a closed space, it must be equipped with air inlet and exhaust equipment. The air inlet is located in the lower part of the air compressor room, and the exhaust outlet is located in the upper part of the room to facilitate the circulation of cold air. Generally speaking, its intake and exhaust air volume must be greater than the air compressor’s cooling and exhaust air volume.

Electricity system

According to the power of the air compressor, choose the correct power cord diameter. Do not use a small power cord, otherwise, the power cord will be burnt due to high load and high temperature. The power cord must be a multi-strand copper core cable, and one phase of the three-phase four-wire system is the grounding wire.

It is better to use a separate power system for air compressors, especially to avoid using it in parallel with other large power consumption systems, otherwise, it may cause the motor of the air compressor to overload and stop due to excessive voltage drop or unbalanced three-phase current. High-power air compressors must pay more attention.

And the load of the power supply network should be uniform, the voltage fluctuation should be within ±5%, and the three-phase voltage unbalance should be allowed within ±1%.

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